5 Tips to Easily Memorize Bible Verses

I know that for some of us memorizing scripture can be a daunting task.  Prior to September 2012, I believed that I was not able to memorize scripture – so I never did. I  would be able to recite scripture that I constantly came across, but never anything intentionally.  However, along some other guys, I started to a task to memorize all of 2 Timothy in September 2012.  Beginning with just a few verses a week, I memorized all of 2 Timothy in just 9 months!  I have become amazed on what a little discipline in my life can do for me.  Not only am I confident that I can memorize scripture now, it has enhanced my relationship with God tremendously.
My 6-year old daughter has also encouraged me in this process. In 2012, she received an award for memorizing 15 Bible verses in church.  In 2013 she more than doubled that total. Sometimes we constantly recite our verse to each other to encourage one another.
Below I am going to give you 5 tips, but out of everything, the first tip has been the most helpful for me.
1. Scripture Typer App
Scripture Typer is an app for use with iPhones, iPads, and any Android base devices (like Kindle Fire’s).  It is not free and costs around $6.99 or $7.99.  I love this because it syncs with both of my device, plus I can track my progress online.  It’s hard to explain quickly in a blog post how this device works, but it is the best app on the market.  Myself along with some Pastors on staff at church use this to help us memorize scripture.  The link is below.
2. Scripture Typer Online
This is a free service online for memorizing scripture.  It is made by the same people who make the app, and you can everything online you can do on the app.  You can even print out flash cards.  The link is below.
3. My Niece Anna (high school)
Anna is involved in Bible Quizzing where she competes nationally verses other students in reciting scripture.  She is quite good and I emailed her to ask her how she processes scripture.
From my Niece Anna:
Usually for longer books we memorize a chapter a week (which takes the whole school year for John and Matthew).  I like to memorize a chunk of about 6 verses and then take a break, and then go back and memorize some more. So it comes down to about 12-15 verses a day. And be sure to review often what you’ve memorized, too! I hope that helps
4. Blog on memorzing scripture
5. Possible Weekly Schedule for Memorizing Scripture
  • Day One – Read it once
  • Day Two – Read it once
  • Day Three – Write it out a few days or type it out a few times
  • Day Four – Simply reflect on it.
  • Day Five – Read it once, and speak it out loud
  • Day Six – Read it once, write/type it down twice, say it three times
  • Day Seven – Writing it down and reciting it so someone else.
Hope this all helps.

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