“Forgotten God” – Chapter 5 Study Questions


1. Have you ever thought about why you need “another Comforter”? How comfortable is your life, and in that comfort, how much do you really “need” God?

2. How loud is the volume of life around you? Is it a distraction to you? If so, how can that be changed? When was the last time you sat quietly with nothing around to distract you? What was that like?

“Forgotten God” – Chapter 4 Study Questions


As you read chapter 4 of Forgotten God, here are some helpful questions to review.

1. What are some motivations, both god and bad, for wanting the Holy Spirit in your life?

2. What does it mean to you that each follower of Christ is given a “manifestation of the Spirit for the common good”?

3. Do you believe that you were given a “manifestation of the Spirit for the common good”? If so, explain. If not, why not?

Reading the Bible Through the Eyes of The Holy Spirit

Experiencing the Holy Spirit in the Everyda

Last Wednesday I taught on what it means to read the Bible through the eyes of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Inspiration and Illumination of the Scriptures. What that means is the Word of God is alive, active, and relevant for our everyday lives. We must encounter the Bible with the understanding that God desires to constantly speak to us through Scripture.

If you want to learn more about this topic, I encourage you to watch the teaching video below.


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