Salvation and Sanctification in the Spirit

Experiencing the Holy Spirit in the Everyda

Session 2 of Experiencing the Holy Spirit in the Everyday

“Forgotten God” – Chapter 2 Study Questions


1. Why do you think it is that we care so much about what other people think of us?

2. What are some potential problems with basing our views of the Holy Spirit on traditions?

3. What fears do you have about the Holy Spirit?

Fear Factor: Breaking the Fears that Hinder Us


Fear, worry, and anxiety. All things that can ruin our souls if we do not identify and deal with them. When we allow fear, worry, and anxiety to run our lives, we essentially divide ourselves from our relationship with God. Jesus cares for you, desires to comfort you, and give you a full life. Cast your fears, your worries, and your anxiety upon Him and He will set you free.

I encourage you to watch the teaching below to dive further into what this means for our lives.

For the audio of this class and other classes, please click here.


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