Discovering and Understanding the Gifts

This past Wednesday, I was able to teach Session Two of “Spirit Filled: How the Holy Spirit Wants to Use You.” The main question we wanted to address was this:

Does the Holy Spirit give special abilities that we must discover? or

Does the Holy Spirit call and place us into various ministries that build up the community that he has formed?

For many Christians, the paradigm of viewing Spiritual Gifts has been incorrect. Many people focus too much on the gifts themselves and not the ministry we are called to. When we look at the writings of Paul in Romans, Ephesians, and 1 Corinthians the clear focus is always on building up the body of Christ. The lists that he gives always point to ministry assignments and not special abilities. The life of a Christian is to be used by the Holy Spirit in anyway that we are needed.

For a more detailed teaching, please watch the video below or click the audio link:


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