Important Rules for Churches Holding a “SuperBowl” Party

So we are a few days away from the Big Game. As a Broncos fan, I am thrilled that my hometown team is in. It should be a great game as we have the NFL’s #1 Offense (Broncos) versus the NFL’s #1 Defense (Seahawks).

With this very important day in our American culture, comes churches holding parties. A few years ago the NFL cracked down on many churches holding parties because it violated the NFL’s trademark rules. The NFL has lightened up their regulations, but churches must follow important guidelines.

It’s important that churches stay within the NFL’s guidelines. So if you’re throwing a party at your church, please follow these rules:

1) You cannot bring in rented equipment. All equipment you use MUST be stuff you use for your regular weekday activities.

2) You cannot charge admissions or have tickets. But you can have an offering to offset any costs that this party may occur. Don’t even have a donation fee to get in.

3) Do not call it a “Superbowl Party.” Instead call it a “Big Game Party” or a “Football Party” or even a “Broncos Win Party”. Remember the word “SuperBowl” is a trademarked name.

Everyone have fun, enjoy the game, and as Christians, we need to respect the laws of the NFL.


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