“Forgotten God” – Chapter 2 Study Questions


1. Why do you think it is that we care so much about what other people think of us?

2. What are some potential problems with basing our views of the Holy Spirit on traditions?

3. What fears do you have about the Holy Spirit?

Forgotten God Chapter 1 Study Questions

Teaching a new class this term called Experiencing the Holy Spirit in the Everyday. Each week our class is reading a chapter from Francis Chan’s book Forgotten God.

Below are the study questions from chapter 1 and the video associated with the chapter.

1. Why is this book called Forgotten God? Is this your experience regarding the Holy Spirit? Is this the experience of the Church in general?

2. What are some baggage and stereotypes you associate with the Holy Spirit?

3. Francis Chan writes that one of his hopes is that he does not want to live the remainder of his life where he is right now, stagnating at this point. What are some of your own hopes for this study?

Hearing from God: Allowing the Holy Spirit to Minister to Our Souls


One of my greatest passions in ministry is teaching others on the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I feel this the aspect of the Spirit’s work is not talked about enough. In session 8 of the class Emotionally Healthy Spirituality we looked at how the Holy Spirit can minister to our souls.

Please check out the video and audio below.




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