Spirit Filled (Class 5 of 8)

This past Wednesday I continued in my teaching series at Grace Fellowship called: “Spirit Filled: How the Holy Spirit Wants to Use You.” The basic premise of the class is simply answering the question: “how can I be used by God?” Our previous 4 sessions have been great with God moving in the hearts of the people in attendance. This past Wednesday we had our 5th session that was on “A Theology of Power.”

Before I usually start the teaching part of the class, I spend 2-5 minutes reviewing the reading assignment. I did the same thing this past class, but what was planned for 2-5 minutes turned into almost 45 minutes! Because of lower attendance that night, the class moved into a very healthy discussion on what it really means to hear from the Holy Spirit and then act upon it.

Below is the video and audio of the class. You won’t be able to hear very well the questions and comments from the class, but you’ll be able to hear my responses. Based on this past class, I cannot wait for the last three amazing classes!




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