1,000 Consecutive Days Running

This past Friday I ran for my 1,000th consecutive day! In the #RunStreak world, day 1,000 is called your Comma Day. So September 23, 2022 will forever be known as Tim Kong’s Comma Day! I want to say a special thanks to my wife Melinda and 2 kids who put up with my running habit. They give me the space and time to run, while also supporting the gear I buy to help me run. It was amazing to come home from my trip last night to see a fabulous banner hanging up in the house. 

I wanted my 1,000th day run to be something special, but it actually wasn’t at all. I did run a 10K to mark day 1,000, but I was away in Savannah, Georgia for work, staying in an industrial/warehouse type area. The area had no sidewalks, no bike lanes, and every car seemed like I was making their life an inconvenience as I ran on the side of the road. While I didn’t have that perfect run, the run did remind me of my entire running streak. It wasn’t about having the fastest or longest run each time. It was simply about getting out to run no matter what – even when I feel like staying in bed. Though the run wasn’t a picturesque run, I was celebrated in a room full of my peers, people who do what I do at large churches all over the country. 

This all started on December 29, 2019 when I wanted to see if I can run consecutively for 30 days. Then I wanted to see if I could get to 100. But then COVID came about and we were on lockdown, which led me to want to get outside and run more. 100 easily became 200, then 200 easily became 500. Once I hit 800 days, I knew 1,000 was in reach, which is where we are today. 

I have not run today and I am leaning towards breaking the streak and taking some time off before I get back into running. For those of you who know me, I like whole, round numbers. So stopping at 1,000 is more satisfying to me than stopping at 1,145 for example. For those of you who are stat nerds like me, here are some numbers:

1,054 Runs

1,000 Consecutive Days

3176.18 Miles

84% of running was in the morning. 

3.18 Miles Per Day Average 

19 different running shoes

5 different running shoe brands

40% of my runs during this streak have been in a Hoka shoe.

I also did a bunch of races during these 1,000 days – 16 to be exact. 

5 5K;s

2 3.5-Milers

2 5-Milers

2 10K’s

1 15K’s

4 Half-Marathons 

Once again, thank you to all my family and friends who have supported, encouraged, and checked-up on me during these past 1,000 days. 

Much love……


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