Going Back: Understanding How Our Families and Past Shapes Us

Going Back. Understanding Our Families and Past Shapes Us

All of us have a family. Whether you know your biological family or if you don’t know them; whether your family is living or alive; we all have family. We have family that shaped us growing up and we have the family that we’re currently shaping today.

What we have to embrace is that God choose to bring us in a particular family, in a particular place, at a particular moment in history. This gives us a lot of blessings, opportunities, and gifts.

What are some blessings, opportunities, or gifts that you received from your family that you are thankful for?


God designed families to have a critical impact in our lives.

However, many of the families that we are born in hand us down emotional or spiritual baggage. For some of us this baggage is really small and it doesn’t play a big part in our life. For others of us, this baggage is so heavy, so much of a burden on us, we think that this is the way life has to be lived.

Our families have the strong potential to bless us, but family also can pass down severe generational sins and unhealthy habits. As we talk about living an emotionally healthy life, a strong component has to be looking at our family dynamics.

To dive further into this topic, watch my latest teaching video on “Going Back: Understanding How Our Families and Past Shapes Us.”

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The Iceberg Principle: Going Beneath the Surface


Dag Hammarskjold, former secretary of the United Nations once said “The longest journey of a person is the journey inward.”

The hardest to place in life to explore are our inner spaces. Most of us feel much more equipped to manipulate objects, control situations, and “do” things than to take that very long journey inward.

The scary part of life is that it is easy to remain in a comfortable, distorted illusion about our lives. We fail to have a healthy perspective of what our identity in Jesus Christ is.

Each one of us has an iceberg that represents our life. For some of us we do not know what lurks underneath because we have not encountered it yet. For some of us we know exactly what lurks beneath, but we do not want to deal with it. The ability to have an emotionally healthy life is to deal with the hidden 90% of our lives. The question we need to ask ourselves is simply: “Is there anything below my iceberg that God needs to deal with?”

This teaching talks about how to live a life that allows God to deal with the issues that lurk below the surface of our hearts and souls.

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