Going Back: Understanding How Our Families and Past Shapes Us

Going Back. Understanding Our Families and Past Shapes Us

All of us have a family. Whether you know your biological family or if you don’t know them; whether your family is living or alive; we all have family. We have family that shaped us growing up and we have the family that we’re currently shaping today.

What we have to embrace is that God choose to bring us in a particular family, in a particular place, at a particular moment in history. This gives us a lot of blessings, opportunities, and gifts.

What are some blessings, opportunities, or gifts that you received from your family that you are thankful for?


God designed families to have a critical impact in our lives.

However, many of the families that we are born in hand us down emotional or spiritual baggage. For some of us this baggage is really small and it doesn’t play a big part in our life. For others of us, this baggage is so heavy, so much of a burden on us, we think that this is the way life has to be lived.

Our families have the strong potential to bless us, but family also can pass down severe generational sins and unhealthy habits. As we talk about living an emotionally healthy life, a strong component has to be looking at our family dynamics.

To dive further into this topic, watch my latest teaching video on “Going Back: Understanding How Our Families and Past Shapes Us.”

To listen to just the audio of this teaching, please click here.

Week 3: Slowing Down

Who in your life has made the biggest impact in your spiritual development? What about that person that helped you grow?

God constantly brings people into our lives and He desires for us to live in community with others. I believe that God wants us to have life-giving relationships to challenge us, to encourage us, and to keep us on the right path. The video above is a teaching on Slowing Down for Life Giving Relationships. I encourage you to spend some time and check out the video to see how God is speaking to you regarding the relationships in your life.


Week 1: Slowing Down

Slowing Down to Connect With God

connectOur lives can get extremely busy.  It doesn’t matter what your life status or situation is, I think we can all agree that we can find ourselves in the midst of a chaotic life.  When our lives are cluttered with so many things, we find ourselves running at full speed with no sign of slowing down.  When this happens, it is often easy to find no room for God in our lives.

The practice of slowing down will dramatically increase how we connect with God.For our first week together we looked at what it means to slow down to connect with God.

We need to focus on the foundation to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength (Luke 10:27). We talked about the example Mary vs. Martha where Jesus talks about being vs. doing and how this impacts our own relationship with God. Jesus wants us to give him all that burdens us, worries us and stresses us over to him so that we can focus on relationship.

If there is anything that really spoke to you or if you have any questions please comment here or send me an email.



If you need to catch up or just want to re-watch/listen to fill in anything you missed here is our first session:


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