The Beauty of Routine

Vacations are great for the obvious reasons.  This past Christmas vacation we were able to go to Oregon to visit my family, my girls got to do a lot of fun things, and I took a week off for work (not typical).  My family and I really relaxed and enjoyed the break.  While the vacation was needed, I really missed the beauty of a set-schedule and a routine.  I find myself not being motivated without a set schedule.

This week I really feel that life is getting back to normal.  I missed being at work, missed getting my daughter ready for school, missed the weekly church activities, etc.  With the routine, comes discipline, organization, and accomplishments.

I know sometimes we can complain about the routine, complain about the activities in our lives.  What if we stopped complaining about our lives and marvel in the beauty of the routine in our days?   I like the activities, the tasks, and the challenges that come with each day.

May we cherish everything that we do and do it for the glory of God.


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