Where Are We In This World?

Awhile back I saw a presentation for Compassion International and as part of that presentation was talking about service and Human injustices. Much of what was shared resonated with the ministry that I want to have and our beliefs about God, service and our responsibility as Christians. One of the things that hit me the most was when he talked about what our response to the question “Where is God in All of This [Human Injustices Around the World]?” and in answer to that posed a second question of “Where are God’s People in All of This?”

 Where Are We?

Where are we as humans in response to what is happening in the world? What is it that we are doing to help the down trodden, the oppressed, the poor, those in need? Are we just sitting at home attempting to “make it” in this world attaining the next thing? Or are we willing to step out and sacrifice our way of living, our comforts for the needs of others? These are questions that we must all ask ourselves and deal with as we live out our lives.


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